The Newfoundland Project


This is the Newfoundland project. A series of photographs started in December of 2016 and continues to the present. I have chosen Newfoundland and its people as my subject matter because it’s a place that’s always been close to my heart. Growing up I would always visit my grandparents and relatives that lived on the island. My childhood memories were always warm and inviting. I decided to move to Corner Brook because this is where my extended family resides and I wanted to learn more about my heritage. I started this project to create a visual document of Corner Brook and the surrounding towns, one that deals with my subjective, spiritual interpretation of the place. To the best of my knowledge no street photographers have come here and attempted a project like this before. Corner Brook is a small city with a population of less than twenty thousand. It may seem completely ordinary but upon closer inspection it’s full of vibrant life. There’s always fascinating scenes going on, you just need to look hard enough.